10 foods that make you hungry again quickly


These foods make you hungry - leave them alone if you want to get full.
Strange: We are hungry, eat something - and are hungry again right away. 
What is the reason? 
At least not because we have already completely burned up the calories we have just consumed, at best this happens to competitive athletes. The reason is that we often eat food that makes us hungry again quickly. 
What helps? 
Protein-rich snacks are best, such as natural yogurt, a piece of cheese, one or two slices of ham, a glass of milk, or a handful of almonds. The fat content is not even that important, the main thing is that they do not contain large amounts of quickly usable carbohydrates such as sugar and white flour.

Ten foods that make you hungry again quickly

1. White Bread
Hardly any fiber and mainly white flour in it, which is metabolized by the body in no time. The blood sugar flash does not make you full, but hungry.

2. Fruit juice
Does not help with hunger. Liquid leaves the stomach simply too quickly. Also, the fruit sugar contained in the liquid ignites a high blood sugar level that requires a quick replenishment.

3. Fruit sorbet
The good thing about it: In contrast to ice cream, it has significantly fewer calories and contains hardly any fat. But for sorbet, the same applies in principle as for fruit juice.

4. soft drinks
Lemonade, cola - this is sugared water with a taste. Can you get satiated with it? No. So give me the next bottle ...

5. Broth/Consommé
When hungry, sip a hot broth - it has almost no calories. That's right. But it quickly wanders through the digestive organs and leaves behind emptiness. Hunger comes back.

6.Light drinks
Sweetener instead of sugar, that sounds relaxed. But the sweet taste on the tongue deceives the body, it prepares for the arrival of sugar to convert it into energy. For free - that leaves us hungry.

Chips with a chili or bacon flavor - so tempting that it's hard to stop. This is due to flavor enhancers such as yeast extract (glutamate) that stimulate the appetite.

Corn flour and sugar - this is the combination that makes you hungry again quickly - similar to white bread. Option for cornflakes fans: which take from whole grain, they last longer. Or mix flakes with yogurt, not with fruit juice or low-fat milk. Protein and fat slow down the digestive process, and that satiates better.

Beer, wine, and sparkling wine can trigger overeating attacks. Alcohol leads to slight hypoglycemia in the brain. This brings hormones and neurotransmitters to the scene, with the message: hunger. By the way, mostly for fatty and spicy foods.

10.Gummy bears
Many people like to reach for the (fat-free) gelatine particles when they get hungry. But a glance at the list of ingredients shows: Sugar comes first - because it plays the main role in the bear. And then the blood sugar rollercoaster starts rolling: first up, then down - hunger! Replenishment! Well, you know ...

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